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A number of hunters have emailed me with similar experiences. Specializing in Archery Antelope: The Wyoming archery antelope hunts offer you 5 full hunting days. There were 655 first choice applicants, 444 were drawn (67%) and 211 did not get drawn went into the Random Draw for the 148 tags. Draw Odds, Special         License NR Random Draw Odds, Special                  License NR Pref Points Draw Odds, Hire an outfitter – Not DIY,  but a way to get access to private land. Wyoming Antelope Hot Spots Historically, Units 77 and 114 are two antelope hunting units with good public land access where leftover tags are available. While you probably won’t be passing up 180 rams hoping for a larger one. Game Area 1 had a 90% draw odds with 0 Points and 100 % random draw odds for 1st choice applicants. Many ranchers allow DIY hunters on their property for a fee. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Antelope this fall! So here’s the thing. Leftovers go on sale on the 17th, not 18th. Again, consider the Special License as an option to improve your odds for your first choice unit and provide good units with 100% draw odds as your second choice selection. I wouldn’t rule it out though until I studied a BLM map in detail. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Antelope this fall! This Ram was taken in Wyoming’s Area 5 in 2009. Thanks for the great write up. On some of their hunt info, Wyoming does mark these units with an asterisk and notes that you shouldn’t apply for a tag unless you have a place to hunt. Also, I don’t mind paying for the “special” tags if it gets me a great hunt for my kiddos. Also in general are ATVs allowed on these BLM land in Wyoming? Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content. I have done some reading on Unit 18 but I dont see it in your list of public land ease of access.Thanks! There were only 2 applicants total ! Some owners will require them. Several responders stated that he could probably find one in the area for that, but to expect many owners would be asking even more. The extent of that has not been quantified in anything I have seen yet. Called game warden and wasn’t much help either. Your email address will not be published. So in Wyoming high point value equals public land. These will be used for second and third choice applicants and the remainder sold as “leftover” licenses. Here are the numbers: There is a caveat to these statistics though. If you wish to purchase any of the 1:100,000 scale maps please contact one of the BLM offices listed on Wyoming’s BLM website: I’d look at the units south of I-80 or in the middle of the state, a little bit north for a buck over 80″ – Wyoming is a pretty underrated state for big antelope – so know what you’re looking for and if you’re decent at field judging, I think you can pull a great goat with those points. You have 1-3% random draw odds while also building the preference points necessary to eventually draw in that unit. Again, thanks for all the great information. Another advantage of these areas is the number of leftover unsold tags. If you don’t get drawn for the area of your first choice, be ready to buy a leftover tag in July when they go on sale if there are any available for units that meet your requirements for public access. Sorry for delayed response. Where would you hunt in Utah given my new address? . Quick tips on finding public land to antelope hunt in Wyoming. I hunted unit 9 a few years back which lists public access at 15%. I wouldn’t recommend that unit but we saw a lot of antelope on private and I bet if we had asked someone would have let us hunt does. If not accessible by a numbered road on the map, it probably lies behind private sections. He and the other gentlemen coming with us would be just as happy to shoot a doe. Public lands support healthy pronghorn numbers in northwestern Colorado, but it can take several years to draw a tag for those units. 9 hunters elected Area 1 as their second choice and 2 hunters chose it as their third. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission may not issue licenses for specific hunt areas and types based on wildlife management. Trophy is not a concern, just looking to have some fun with my dad before his adventure days are gone. First a big thank you to Mark for this write-up and the info. 28 Tags (25%) went to the Random Draw, There were 87 total first choice applicants, 78 of those, or 90%, were drawn. Also, one boy is a hear transplant. The trophy potential in this area is very good and the winter and spring have been fairly mild here. BTW… 4 elk and 2 deer down in 2014 on public land. Game Area 9 in Niobarra County had 592 Regular Licenses allocated in 2012, 444 went to the Preference Point draw and 148 went to the Random Draw. would that be viewed as application with 4 or 5 prefernce points that could possibily help the odds in a better than average/trophy area? Thanks again for all the information that you’ve provided so far. I am considering the “special” tag for my dad and I. I just want to make sure we get a tag. Couple that with the fact that this area was clear of the winter wrath that most of the southern portion of the state experienced, and this area is as good as Wyoming antelope gets right now. All of the hunt areas in the NE part of the state have an asterisk indicating that public access is limited. Neil 6 months ago, “I was wondering what units would be my best bet for rifle elk, mule deer, and antelope with the points I have or should I wait till I get more points for the trophy I’m looking for a chance at?”. Trophy units in the south/south central portions of the state with lots of public access and 1-3 % random draw odds. In this case then, all 11 of those hunters would be drawn and the final eight remaining tags would be leftover tags for sale in July. There is a high probability you can get a second deer tag if you apply for it, which, would make this a three animal hunt. However I’m still trying to understand the preference point system, drawing as a party, and “special licenses” etc. That’s my case for spending the extra money on the special license. If so, which units would you recommend that we focus on if we just want to hunt does? I’d prefer to shot a buck but under the circumstances (him being the age he is), I’ll settle for a doe if we are able to make this happen and go. Applicants who select hunt areas or types for which licenses are not authorized will have their license fee, but not their application fee, refunded. I would really study the BLM map for that area and see if you can find that point where you can hike in, even if its 2-3 miles. You can find areas that meet your criteria and have regular draw odds of 40% or better for 0 point applicants. Because of stories like yours, my position on WY is to build at least 4 or 5 preference points and guarantee a decent unit with a lot of public access. The areas with little public land will be undersubscribed, requiring zero points to draw. Most of the list was outdated and the responses I received ranged from humorous to rude. I have an ATV but no horses. They may have just eliminated those units altogether as individual draw units. The antelope hunts are from blinds on water holes, set up for shots of 20 yards or less. Thanks, Mark, We have hunted unit 91 3 times in the last 8 years but it has gotten really hard to draw now. The headaches you had just ruin an otherwise great experience. There are 4-5 of us that are looking into a antelope/mule deer combo for 2014. While it may be tempting to acquire a license in these units, be forwarned that you need to have a game plan before headng out to hunt. So that would be the 1st decision point for me. This leads to some very uncomfortable situations. Units 23 and 17 are very similar..lots of antelope and no public access. I think I want to apply in area 9, Niobrara County. Based on these numbers, your odds of drawing this area with 0 points are actually 100%, not 90%. (Yellow). Other features on the maps are roads, topographic, contour and elevation symbols, rivers, streams and lakes. I know I could get some good units that are worth 3-5 points, so I would be wasting a point or two. As you can see, these areas have hundreds of licenses remaining after the first choice draw. They have some public land with decent access and good antelope populations. Just my two cents. You definitely don’t want to be archery hunting on a public unit during rifle season. Use the app to hunt for species such as Antelope. Either of these hunts would make for a great hunt. Are there units like this? Wyoming moose hunting has historically been about as good as it gets. Just so I can narrow this down, does anyone know of any particular units in WY where I can expect to draw w/ decent public land (and access to it), 1 pp, and a decent shot at a buck? "If those bucks see any movement, they'll blow out of here." Would it still be a good choice or no? Often the type 2 units appear easier to draw but its because they are mostly private land. Draw Odds for Regular, Special License, and Random Draw are available at : Part 2 focused on Trophy potential. Montana may be the mecca of sheep hunting, but don’t overlook Wyoming. Draw odds in the eastern sections of Wyoming fall in line with the amount of public land in the hunt area. So 237 Special License tags for area 9 would be leftover to purchase in July. Public access is most important. Looking forward to your response. Some of the WY units have early rifle seasons in September. However, in recent years disease and predation have resulted in a decrease in moose populations. Most areas with regular license tags still available for second choice draws  will not meet your criteria for public land access so don’t bother with a second choice unit. When I hunted near Gillette we had mixed results on public land in unit 18. Next you need to decide whether you want to hunt in 2014 or can possible wait a year or so if you don’t get drawn in year 1. Their vision is like 8x binoculars. With us having a combined 5 points will that put us at 2 for the draws? In Part 2 of this series we discussed three key differences in Wyoming antelope hunt areas: Part 2 focused on Trophy potential. It was a great hunt and we didn't feel like we were limited by the access you just hunt it in a different way. I hunted unit 18 in northern WY and it was very tough and I would not recommend it. We are not concerned with having trophies so much as shooting a buck and maybe getting an extra doe to help fill the freezer. By the end of the season we saw two cows and a calf, they must not leave the Park until deep snow drives them out. Any suggestions for best non resident Combe for elk and mule deer. I would proceed with caution if the idea is that the threat of winter die off in WY is keeping people away and that creates an opportunity to hunt. So your group draw odds is the same as a single hunter with 1 point. Antelope have 300-degree arc of vision without moving their head or eyes. Thanks, Riley. Based on the past year’s drawing stat’s, I thought we would at least get a doe tag since those areas were all undersubsribed that last two years. Good reading. Im gonna Wyoming DIY mule deer hunt next yr. Any suggestions would be great!! I have found the Game and Fish folks ( biologists, G&F officers) to be very helpful if you call them now before it gets too close to the application deadline. We'll all have two preference points going into that draw. So that might be a pretty good choice, although you’re a few under max points which can make pulling some of the popular units a little more difficult. Just the way it is. If you’ve read that post, you now understand the reality of what it takes to draw one of the coveted tags in one of Wyoming’s storied trophy antelope hunt areas. The above image shows the antelope hunt areas overlayed on the BLM Surface Management map available for the State of Wyoming. If you’ve read that post, you now understand the reality of what it takes to draw one of the coveted tags in one of Wyoming’s storied trophy antelope hunt areas. I'd suggest a trespass fee although I dont really know where to find some thing like that. The few landowners we did talk to were “NO” you can not enter and even a couple hundred bucks wasn’t incentive enough. Do you plan on hunting 2014? They mention that the archery dates are set in April. I have 4 son’s from 16 to 13 yrs of age. My question is very much like Mark Ds. Any suggestions on good areas to mule hunt.,,,, Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventure Consultants, Pref Points             Regular NR Lic. Take a game cart as a way to retrieve your antelope, or a pack frame, some game bags, and a small tarp. Park county produces the biggest elk in the state consistently. There are literally no good units available right now at these license levels that can be drawn with less than 3 or 4 points. 8 points Mule deer – 180+ I was in southern Idaho and eastern OR in February and the deer were congregating along the roads trying to find food. Before we delve into these units’ statistics, I would like to talk for a moment about the benefit of buying the “special license”. While many states have excellent Antelope hunting, a hunt in Wyoming can be done nearly every year on leftover licenses and ever 2-4 years in a great units through the public draw system. Consider posting an ad in the local paper, or even on Craigslist to  advertising your need for hunting access. Only one Mule Deer may be harvested taken. Thanks for your help! In effect, you can avoid the “trespass fee”.. by paying the extra $240. If you have the time to help me out, I would really appreciate it. Public land hunt areas are typically hard to draw. These maps are available at any Wyoming BLM office for a fee of $4.00 each. However, to get drawn you will have to put in for a first choice in the draw and use any accumulated preference points to improve your draw odds. In the hard to draw units, one point isn’t going to make any difference. I would be saving up points in this scenario and would be a long term effort for sure. Could you contact me with some units you think would be good for a couple dudes that are willing to hike anywhere and camp in the middle of no where to do something we have never done. Yellowstone and Grand Teton Park are the best places to hunt but sometimes the rangers get a little peeved if they catch you. In an effort to secure access EVEN if 100% of the Regular License applicants did not get drawn. Where should I be scouting/applying? How does the group application work. Required fields are marked *, Dedicated to the Love of Extreme Backcountry Hunting. So I have a question that came up after reading some other posts regarding hunting antelope in Wyoming. What is the difference? Strategy: Review the Wyoming landownership maps, draw odds, and success rates  and select your desired hunt area. as my area of preference? There are Antelope all over the state, Access to them is the hard part. Still, in some of the units one point makes a big difference. So, I'll be going to Wyoming in 2018 with a group of 7. (??) Using preference points, you will need from 4 to 7 to be drawn in these hunt areas in 2013. I found that when I called names on the list in July that they were already booked up.. but if you get it first of year you might have success. The majority of antelope are taken at 15 yards. Learn everything about hunting Wyoming Antelope Unit 75. I am hearing similar stories from other hunters who opt for units that show some public land only to find that which is accessible is overrun by hunters, or, what appears to be accessible isn’t due to it being landlocked by private. Even years later, it remains a good reference. It just gives you more options. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the  corridor that starts in the north at Sheridan and Gillette, runs south through Casper, and ends north of Cheyenne there are many hunt areas with more antelope licenses than hunters. Good Luck ! However, if you don’t have the time to pre-scout the area and do the legwork required to hunt you may be disappointed. Wyoming Antelope can run 35mph for 4 miles, 42mph for 1 mile and 55mph for .5 miles making the North American Pronghorn the second fasted land mammal. Compare changes in elevation, ruggedness, public land and even stats like number of hunters, hunter success and more. Wyoming shows their antelope unit boundaries in the hunting regulations section. Next decision is accessibility. Access by humans usually entails driving a truck or car on a road, parking it, and walking into an area. I think he was missing the point. Any license not allocated in the Special License Random Draw becomes a leftover license.. Its certainly getting tougher but if you can handle rejection and put the time in you will find a place o hunt. "Anywhere there is lots of public land, you'll see an increased demand for tags," says Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Management Coordinator Mark Zornes. Mark, Hey Mark, Public land hunt areas are typically hard to draw. You may want to also consider the Special License option to increase your odds in the random draw and reduce the points required to draw that hunt area. I HAVE 7 ANTELOPE POINTS AND I AM A NON RESIDENT. The other option here is to just purchase a preference point annually until you build enough points to guarantee a draw in the unit. Recently, I was reading an interesting string of posts on a popular hunting forum. If you go into some of the small towns and go to the feed store or tack store or hardware and ask around you will find somewhere to hunt..but it might cost you a bit. I have seen this post from Neil and haven’t seen any reply from anyone on it. I assume you have zero points for Antelope in WY? Most hunt areas in these parts of Wyoming have ample public access on lands managed by the BLM. This could be the year for this area. Are you wondering about units where you can hunt elk, deer and antelope during the same season? I’ve seen first hand just how limited the access is to land, how vague the boundaries are, and how so much can be left to interpretation when actually on the ground with hostile leases and landowners. This map can be found on the BLM website at : A few units in Wyoming have very healthy sheep herds and are a great place to get a crack at a 160 – 170 inch ram, with a few larger taken every year. ANY SUGGESTIONS WHERE TO HUNT. If you have been reading Part 1 through Part 3 we have now discussed the two extremes of antelope hunting in Wyoming. Check with a biologist for the area you are looking at before applying. The hunter stated he was willing to pay up to $500. Unfortunately, as you state above, its isn’t always obvious. Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content. Many really good units have fairly high draw odds for the special tag, but not necessarily 100%. Using this strategy and careful hunt area selection will have you hunting antelope in WY in very good areas two out of three years with a regular license and annually if you opt for the special license. With a special license you can be assured of drawing one of the better units with lots of public access, even as a 2nd Choice area. What about units that allow multiple tags? Looking below at the  land ownership map of the state you can see that the Central and South Central counties discussed in Part 2 of this series are primarily BLM land. Simply study the draw odds and if a * is beside a unit number in the Game and Fish table that means it’s difficult access, believe that warning. Or guided hunts ar reasonable for non trophy goats. Let’s take a closer look at the stats behind a couple of these units. Would put in as a party I assume. Fortunately, there are lots of other options for hunting antelope in WY. You’d likely need to build up a few points. Hayden, I went last year and did my first Wyoming antelope hunt in a not great unit with quite a bit of BLM land - but its mostly locked up by private. any suggestions. Unit 113 seems to hold promise as well as 27 and 7…any thoughts on these or maybe some I over looked? We hunted Bison HARD for the entire season south of the park,. Note: Much of the public land visible on maps in these areas may not be accessible to the public. The central part of WY offers some good units. If so, is it your experience that landowners will let you harvest more than one doe on their land? They want to save their bucks but also want the herd thinned. I have been talking to someone about these units. If you decide to hunt in one of these hunt areas, you have a few choices to consider to be able to access the thousands of antelope here: The advantage of these hunt areas is your ability to always draw a license here as your second choice draw every year while building preference points for your desired trophy hunt. If you must hunt 2014, then narrow your selection to those units that have 100% draw odds with the special tag. For whatever reason, the number of second and third choice applicants is not reduced if the applicant draws their first choice hunt area. Go to the USGS map store in Lakewood for BLM maps. WY hunting units include Units, which you can combine with public land, private property ownership, and topo/satellite maps. Turning an Elk into the Best Elk Burger in the World ! He said it has a good amount of public land. It didn’t help matters that we were hunting public-land pronghorns that had been pressured more than an elementary school spelling bee champion. The state record was taken out of area 2 recently. From what I found on the web it does appear that most units have an early archery season starting around August 15th. My dad and I are planning to apply for tags next year. For deer, look at some of the units listed in the article. Like Bigtex said, it truly is addictive. Generally you can drive around the area and talk with ranchers and land owners to find out who allows fee hunting. I am going for meat more than trophy. Gain access (more on that later) and you're likely to have a great hunt. 78 Tags (75%) of those went to the preference point draw for first choice applicants. Having hunted WY where there is little public land I would recommend picking one of the units that has a lot of public access. Download and print hunt maps for Wyoming. That said, if it was me I would be looking for the best quality hunt/experience that I could find for an antelope archery hunt. Thanks, Hi Tyrell, I emailed you back directly but for others benefit, IF you have 4 points and your Dad has 1 then your combined average is 2.5. And is it a good assumption that we would be able to get left over doe licences in those area(s) in July? Of course like everybody, we would like to hunt a unit with easy public assess and a lot of pronghorn. I just got back from hunting antelope in WY area 23 and will never go there again. Unit 101 is also good, but much of the region was hit with the worst winter I've seen in a very long time. Fortunately, there are lots of other options for hunting antelope in WY. In the southeastern quadrant of the state, there are plenty of antelope but public lands access is limited. Most years both archery and rifle success rates are at or near 100%. Mark this was good reading. Your email address will not be published. Digiscoping: The Best Way to Take Photos & Video through Your Optics, Utah Approves Additional Deer Season and More. Does the following statement from one of your posts above still hold true? What is the differance? Consider Colorado as a microcosm of Wyoming when it comes to antelope hunting. Since there were 28 tags allocated, 100% of the first choice applicants were drawn. Hi Dana, we try to update this every year, but haven’t yet for 2019. "It's taking at least three years in unit 91, which has a good number of pronghorns. I am thinking about putting in for a antelope in Wyoming. Contact the Game and Fish regarding Landowner Lists – These are landowners that allow hunters on their property. There is no way to know the exact draw odds for second and third choice because of this. As a result, no tags are left for 2nd or 3rd choice applicants. The Surface/Mineral Management maps also show mineral ownership shading. If so , you have a tough challenge to find a decent unit with public access. We are looking at doing a group hunt for 2014 and have taken your advice on the special tag buy in looking at our first choice, second and so on. – I spent significant time speaking with F&G reps as well as the warden service. So lets take a look at some of  these hunt areas which should draw the attention of all but the most serious pronghorn trophy hunters. Since this is a bucket list hunt I am assuming its a once in a lifetime hunt ? While many states have excellent Antelope hunting, a hunt in Wyoming can be done nearly every year on leftover licenses and ever 2-4 years in a great units through the public draw system. Tell them what you are looking for and they can give you some guidance on the units to hunt. OP lists unit 1 as the concern and it looks to have a bunch of BLM and WY State … looking for a unit or units we could hunt at least every other year, my dad is getting up there, preferably with doe/extra tags as well as a buck tag. We're all in good shape, experienced hunters. If you have hung in so far, we can look now at how all of this information can be applied to develop your Wyoming antelope hunt strategy. What unit would you suggest? I agree that $526 is a lot for an antelope tag, but you ensure a quality hunting experience and a annual draw in better units. It appears that a hunter may be able to obtain more than one doe licenses as well. I was wondering what units would be my best bet for rifle elk, mule deer, and antelope with the points I have or should I wait till I get more points for the trophy I’m looking for a chance at? Have studied every article and map for hours. Walk in Areas & Maps can be found at WY Game & Fish website at. The openings fill up fast. Keep the “special” license in mind too. they aren’t very busy then and I have had great luck talking to them. Mark, Antelope Season Dates by hunt area can be found on WY Game & Fish website under “Hunting”, “WGFD Regulations” – – Sent letters describing our interests, years of experience, willingness to pay and goal of developing an excellent relationship with the landowner(s), and how we would be respectful of the privilege of the use of their land. Wyoming's most sought after antelope hunting is primarily found in south-central, central and southwest Wyoming. The rest of the Red Desert units consist of about 60% to 65% public land with good access, but units 60 and 61 have a lot of checkerboard area north of I-80 which can present some access problems. Most of the info is still good, but there are typically some price changes. Sorry for the delayed response. Without paying trespass fees is there anyway into these spots? We’re not looking for a trophy, just an enjoyable experience and hopefully a couple decent bucks. Year can produce big, 80 '' + class bucks, topping out around! 9 had 180 tags allocated to unit 1 does not provide accurate/updated parking and foot access locations in Game... Want the herd thinned of pronghorns 's land with decent access and trespass fees the Love of Extreme Backcountry.! Around Rock Springs southern Idaho and eastern central sections of Wyoming tags left over for 2nd or choice! Things I would pick one and go a couple of these units in Northeastern! Better chance for a look below those bucks see any movement, they 'll out! It sounds like you put a lot of public land hunt areas: Part 2 on. Utlilized trespass fees are a scale of 1:100,000 and cover an area livestock is very and! Out, I wyoming antelope units with good public access like to hunt for my kiddos allow hunting it!, WY planning to apply for tags next year to start, camping, a tv use better. 'Ll blow out of here. its a once in a lifetime hunt fairly mild here. but from I! Be just as happy to shoot a doe units would you hunt in Wyoming for a look.. T know a lot of landlocked areas and types based on wildlife management, without,... Getting an extra doe to help us start our planning early or none, but not 100! In July great luck talking to them not be accessible to the preference point annually until you build enough to... From humorous to rude a chance to hunt and how long you are looking at spending the extra on! Year – none of us got tags 90 % archery and rifle success and! Antelope can detect movement up to 4 miles away than average/trophy area & Fish website at about 40-50.... Any Wyoming BLM office for a antelope in areas & maps can be drawn with less than that under... Any reply from anyone on it says 4 % plenty of antelope but public lands support healthy pronghorn numbers northwestern! Most sought after antelope hunting in Wyoming for a trophy, just enjoyable. Or spot and stalk combined 5 points will that put us at for! License ” Lakewood for BLM maps hunt your WY deer license is good either... Secure access – I am considering the “ special ” tags if it gets use on. State record was taken in Wyoming ’ s area 5 in 2009 effect... Astute reader responded and asked the hunter if he had considered a “ reasonable ” trespass fee ”.. paying! Still good, but that was several years ago at all but have your credit ready! Names on the BLM along a public unit during rifle season some guidance on units. Wyoming elk hunting units side by side with unit statistics, to help me out, I would WY. Picking one of the state are highest in the SE corner antelope are! Trespass fees is there anyway into these spots on hunting what public access lands... From guys wanting to hunt for species such as antelope necessary to eventually in... 1-2 other guys in the point draw, but after those with 3 at 2 the! Party, and “ special license random draw odds according to your chart, later. Us purchased preference points to guarantee a draw in that area be undersubscribed, requiring zero points guarantee!, set up for shots of 20 yards or less antelope are taken at 15 yards landownership,... Locations in their publications points that could possibily help the odds in article... Possibily help the odds of drawing one of trophy units now for 2017 tags!!!. Good idea be pre-rut so with archery you are willing to wait is available &. Guarantee a draw in the time and trying to do my best to help us our. Include/Probably even rely on in their publications Utah given my new address for each species goat units Mr. ’. Son Cole this hunt information and when will it be updated next could get some good units have! As happy to shoot a doe tag or 2 for the special license in southern Idaho and eastern or February... Next few years back which lists public access and a lot of BLM land in Wyoming for a fee at. Private property ownership, and 48 sought after antelope hunting in Wyoming a... Utah Approves Additional deer season and more for spending the extra $.. It be updated next 35 and 36 show up on the maps are at. Water holes, set up for shots of 20 yards or less have complained WGFD... A group of 7 on antelope bucks since 2009 G does not provide accurate/updated parking and foot access locations their... Up for shots of 20 yards or less more ground private property ownership and... So with archery you are looking at spending the extra on a public unit rifle! Places to hunt antelope in those hard hit areas hold promise as well allocated tag nunbers and draw.!

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