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If your pooch prefers a harness attached in the back but still needs a lightweight jacket, you may want to upgrade to the Hurtta Torrent Coat, or check for deals on the Ultra Paws coat we tested (which is insulated but not as warm as the WeatherBeeta). The Hurtta jackets had the most sizing and fit flexibility of all the coats we tested. FITS Dog Coats The FITS dog coat is a dirt-resistant, waterproof, and breathable jacket that will keep your furry best friend cozy in all weather. Wagwear Dog … If your dog is going outdoors for a quick potty outing and coming right back inside, no need to wrestle him into a sweater or coat and booties. The WeatherBeeta coats come in a wide range of lengths based on the collar-to-tail measurement, from 12 inches (Yorkies, terriers) to 32 inches (Great Danes). During play testing, the Sun Shower held up and took no damage from roughhousing. We also took them for long walks in cooler weather on hiking trails and in parks; during these expeditions, we kept an eye out for any discomfort or restricted movement. We took readings every 15 minutes from Peanut Bluetooth thermometers inside the jackets to calculate heat loss over time. If you’re not sure whether your dog needs a jacket for your climate, consult your vet. There's a problem loading this menu right now. A jacket allows for longer walks and outdoor play sessions. No matter what your dog’s personal style may be, we’re sure you’ll find just the right fit. While we weren’t able to devise a test for overall Velcro quality (beyond muddying it up and washing it repeatedly), the WeatherBeeta jacket’s Velcro seemed of a higher quality than that on the other coats we tried—it stuck to everything. Check out our wide variety of dog rain boots, ponchos, umbrellas, vests and coats to protect your pooch from the rainy weather. The Sun Shower comes in six sizes that fit dogs with a chest girth between 13 and 42 inches. SHOP IT: Amazon, … As intense lovers of mud, snow, puddles, and general bad-weather adventures, they lent their expert opinions of the jackets’ viability for intense outdoor play sessions. Favorite Add to More colors WHIPPET Cold Climate Combo, Winter Dog Coat, Fleece Dog Sweater, Dog … If you’ll be trekking into freezing conditions, you’ll be better off with its cousin, the Hurtta Summit Parka. This is the gear we’d use during—and after—a rainy-day outing. The buckles are easy for a human to attach and remove, but a dog can’t get to them, as they’re hidden inside little pockets on either side of the jacket that are accessible only from underneath. The Sun Shower was the lightest-weight jacket we tested, so there’s no danger of your pet getting too hot. Most dogs don’t really need to wear a rain jacket or rain boots when going on walks, but there are some breeds that benefit from wearing raincoats, like short-haired dogs, who typically don’t … To prevent your dog from overheating, don’t use a cold-weather jacket for long periods of time in temperatures above freezing without consulting your vet. Like the Torrent Coat, the Summit Parka is available in four colors from black to bright orange. If you go on long excursions in the snow and freezing cold, the Hurtta Summit Parka is a good investment for your dog. The Ruffwear Sun Shower is suited for conditions where it’s very rainy but not very cold, such as if you’re walking in the Pacific Northwest and don't want your dog to get soaked. “I think it’s holding up well; we’ve been very happy with it,” he said. We kept a close eye on our dog testers at these temperatures, and we ended a few play sessions early when the dogs indicated they were uncomfortably warm. Because of its lightness and its flexible adjustments, you can also use it atop other jackets to add waterproofing to a warmer jacket that doesn’t offer such protection—though all of our cold-weather picks do. The WeatherBeeta goes over a dog’s head and stretches the entire length of the pup, anchored in place by two elastic loops around the rear legs. Like the Torrent Coat, it didn’t stain easily during testing. For this guide, we eliminated fashion dog jackets—they often use flimsy materials, aren’t waterproof or easily washable, and have insufficient insulation—and focused on practical models designed for the wet and cold. We covered bags of hot water with the dog coats and left them out overnight in nearly freezing conditions to see how well they retained heat. Dog Sweaters, Coats and Hoodies Keep them warm, dry and looking their best with dog sweaters, raincoats, jackets and hoodies that are as practical as they are stylish. The Velcro’s placement higher up on the jacket (out of the way of splashing feet) will likely keep it safe for longer, especially since the jacket covers it up for the most part when attached to the dog. Ruffwear specifies that the Sun Shower (and other jackets from the company) should be cleaned with a cold wash and hung to dry. Trail tested & rugged dog boots, dog coats & jackets, dog harnesses and much more. Other jackets with worse-quality Velcro wouldn’t stay put on the dog as the Velcro got dirty, furry, or muddy. The Torrent Jacket is available in four colors from black to bright orange—if you tend to take your dog somewhere with low visibility or with active hunters, consider choosing a bright color. This is a rain jacket, and that showed in our insulation testing, where it took last place. Its length allowed it to keep our dogs warm from neck to tail, something that many of the other coats we tested (such as the Ruffwear designs) failed to do. In every other department, the Summit Parka is identical to the Torrent Coat. The same is … The WeatherBeeta 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka is available in a number of versions. Kayla Fratt, head trainer, Journey Dog Training, email interview, November 4, 2017, Dr. Lori Bierbrier, medical director, ASPCA Community Medicine department, email interview, October 30, 2017. Dog clothes designed for everyday use. It comes in sizes that fit dogs between 12 inches and 32 inches long, in 2-inch increments for a close fit. Before testing, I researched a wide array of dog jackets, homing in on owner reviews and discussions of our testing pool as it narrowed. It also comes in a bright orange color: If you’re taking your dog out with you at night, somewhere people are hunting, or to a place where you might have trouble seeing it, don’t worry—that orange is loud. Waterproof and insulated, great for … Although this jacket is excellent in freezing temperatures, its warmth may be overkill above 40 °F or so—vigorous exercise in a very warm coat at above-freezing temperatures can eventually overheat your dog. Of all the coats we tested, the fully waterproof (inside and out) Torrent Coat covered more of our dogs than any other jacket, and kept them completely dry. Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot. But beyond that, Hurtta coats offer a whopping four areas to adjust the fit: adjustable drawstrings around the collar, shoulder, and rump areas, and an adjustable buckle that goes around the middle. Hurtta told us that this model had no insulation, but the Torrent Coat still did about as well in our heat-retention tests as the WeatherBeeta. After testing 30 rain jackets and raincoats, we found seven we liked in a range of sizes, lengths, and styles to keep you dry. Lightweight and insulating, with better waterproofing and coverage for about double the price of the WeatherBeeta. More expensive, but worth it for long hikes in freezing conditions. The WeatherBeeta will keep your dog comfortable for several hours outdoors, and it will cover more of your dog than any of the other coats save for the Hurtta models. Both Bierbrier and Fratt also pointed out the need for a jacket that fit well. The Summit Parka is fully washable in the washer, and in our tests it went through the dryer without damage. Our waterproof and windproof dog jackets, lofty insulated dog coats, and soft, cozy fleece dog … Vintage Dog Coats and Boots Lot - Anne Ardmore, Hanco & VO Cat Toy. Velcro can be hard to clean if it gets dirty, and over time it can lose its ability to stick tightly as it gets gummed up, especially when a dog tracks it through mud and grass. Favorite Add to Dog Snowsuit (unisex) with Attached Boots… It’s more adjustable than almost any other dog jacket, it provides some of the best pet coverage, and it kept our dogs as dry as any other coat except the Hurtta Torrent. IREENUO Dog Raincoat, 100% Waterproof Dog Warm Coat for Fall Winter, Reflective Dog Jacket with … Smart, rugged, comfortable, and stylish, Hurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs and their owners get more out of every journey. Other Ruffwear jackets, such as the Aira, include leash portals and slightly better coverage than the Sun Shower but cost $30 more, on a par with the Hurtta Torrent. As Bierbrier warned, “For wet climates, a waterproof outer layer may be best, as a wet coat may be worse than no coat at all.” Dogs with thick, warm coats may not need a jacket for warmth, but you may want to use a light, waterproof jacket anyway—it could save you a long drying and brushing session after your walk. Wirecutter is reader-supported. The Hurtta Summit Parka takes almost everything we like about the Torrent Coat and dramatically improves the insulation for long excursions in the snow and cold. Where it does excel is in keeping the rain off. It isn’t nearly as thick, though, and it has a breezier design, so your dog won’t get too hot or sweaty underneath. If you’re not sure whether your dog needs a jacket for your climate, consult your vet. In our tests, washing with normal settings removed mud and grime from the jacket, though we should note that we had a hard time getting the jacket dirty in the first place. Even within those measurements, this jacket offers plenty of flexibility. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Ap… Whatever jacket you get, it should be waterproof. Shop for all DOG COATS … Learn more. But unlike other coats we tested, it has no opening to pass through a leash attached to the back of a harness. The elastic loops were a problem on this coat as well: During testing, our dogs liked to grab, pull, and chew on them. Though the WeatherBeeta jacket didn’t have that problem in our short testing period, our concern is that with long-term use the Velcro may lose its grip in a way that buckles, zippers, or other fasteners wouldn’t. You shouldn’t take this coat (or any of the coats here) swimming, but for rainy weather, the Summit Parka will keep most of your dog very, very dry. 5 out of 5 stars (186) 186 reviews $ 23.99. Complete Boot and Bumper Cover (Web Exclusive) The Complete Boot and Bumper Protector is an all in one rear of car protecor.It protects from dog hair, wet and muddy paws, preventing scratches to the bumper.The product fits most car boots … When things get wet outside, grab one of these dog … When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. A WeatherBeeta representative confirmed to us that the company will work with retailers to replace jackets that are damaged at purchase, but it has no warranty policy in place for jackets that are damaged in regular use. Protect your dog from the cold with fleece sweaters and hoodies and keep them warm and snug. dog jackets for every adventure From bottomless powder to blustery ridge tops, and from cold, dry days to an unexpected deluge, having the right gear makes the difference. The Hurtta Torrent Coat outstripped almost every other jacket we tested in waterproofing, coverage, and adjustability. To test how easy the dog jackets were to wash, we doused them in vinegar water (for the smell), dragged them through the mud, and then ran them through the washer and dryer on recommended settings. Kwik Sew 2879 Dog Coats and Boots - lined coat & gripper booties, wind and rain jacket, and pullover hoodie sweater - Size XS S M L XL SewPrettyVintageShop. If your dog won’t be venturing out in cold weather but still needs to stay dry, such as in the Pacific Northwest or parts of the South, you’re better off with the Ruffwear Sun Shower. And as cute as little bumblebee costumes are, they won’t cut it in the snow and rain. If you want a single jacket that excels in both cold and rainy weather, get the Hurtta Torrent Coat. The Hurtta Summit Parka was originally designed to keep the Finnish Army’s K9 units warm during maneuvers in arctic conditions, so it’s no surprise that the Summit Parka had the best insulation of any jacket we tested. Choose a lightweight raincoat instead, and always supervise your dog while it’s wearing a jacket. Photo: Rebekah Valentine, We used a Peanut Bluetooth thermometer to track how well the jackets retained heat. Dogs come in many shapes, and coats may fit differently even on dogs that wear the same size. This was a problem on some other coats we tested, such as the Ultra Paws, and it can lead to water seeping under the coat to soak the lining. The coat has the same rear-leg loops that we saw in the WeatherBeeta jacket and other Hurtta models, which prove so good at keeping the coat in place while the dog is moving. For the second waterproofing test, we ran the jackets through a shower. The company’s website provides a detailed measurement guide and sizing chart and also recommends sizes based on dog breed, though we found that measuring your dog yourself is the best way to get a coat of any brand that fits. Since a dog produces its own heat and tends to not be water-bag shaped, this test doesn't reflect what the actual temperature of your dog would be after a few hours in near-freezing conditions—but it does show the comparative insulation of each coat. We also let the dogs run through wet bushes and roll in wet grass. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. While it might be challenging to understand the difference between dog coats, dog winter coats, dog jackets, and dog parkas, the delineation mostly comes down to weight. This design gives your dog more coverage than any other coat we tested except for the Hurtta styles, and it helps keep more of your dog dry in the rain. As with all dog jackets, you should monitor your pets while they are wearing this coat and quickly discourage any damaging behavior. For this guide, I interviewed Dr. Lori Bierbrier, medical director for the ASPCA’s Community Medicine department, and Kayla Fratt of Journey Dog Training in Denver, to learn more about dog safety in cold and wet weather. It insulated well enough that in our overnight temperature tests, the water bags we used with it were still warm to the touch after eight hours at near freezing conditions. You can still count on it to keep your dog from getting too cold on damp, mild days. It’s waterproof inside and out: The jacket’s lining has no padding and won’t absorb any water that happens to sneak underneath. Comes in 13 sizes for dogs from 8 to 35 inches from neck to tail. It features the same adjustability and sizing options, with three elastic adjustments on the collar, shoulders, and rear, plus an adjustable buckle around the middle. *At the time of publishing, the price was $66. It’s also a bit longer than the Hurtta Summit Parka on the sides, giving extra leg protection too. For jackets that specified hang drying, we hung them immediately after the wash cycle and checked them in one-hour intervals to establish a drying time. Here’s what we recommend to prepare your bedroom for winter. The same is true if you’re going for a brisk walk. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, LESYPET Dog Warm Winter Coat - Waterpoof Paded Warm Hoodie Jacket for Puppy Small Dogs, WINSOON Dog Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Shoes Winter Warm Skidproof Sneakers Paw Protectors 4-pcs Set, vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie in Winter,Small Dog Jacket Puppy Coats with Hooded, Kurgo Dog Jacket Reversible Winter Jacket for Dogs Pet Coat for Hiking Water Resistant Reflective Lightweight Loft Jacket K9 Core Sweater for Small, Medium, & Large Dogs, URBEST Dog Shoes with Hook Loop Closure Booties Pet Dog Chihuahua Shoes Boots 2 Pair, Small Dog Raincoat Rain Boots Set Hooded and Four Leg Pet Raincoat with Reflective Strip Polyester Anti-Slip Silicone Water Proof Rain Boots ONLY for Small Dog, 1 Sets Hooded Dog Coat and Dog Cat Boots Shoes Socks Stylish Puppy Clothes Warm Dog Jacket Waterproof Dog Shoes for Small Puppy (S, Black), MIGOHI Dog Jackets for Winter Windproof Waterproof Reversible Dog Coat for Cold Weather British Style Plaid Warm Dog Vest for Small Medium Large Dogs, touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Adjustable and 3M Reflective Dog Jacket w/Blackshark Technology, BINGPET Dog Shoes Waterproof Dog Boots, Paw Protectors with Reflective and Adjustable Straps, Anti-Slip for Indoor & Outdoor Wear, BINGPET Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Medium to Large Dogs Anti-Slip Paw Protectors with Adjustable Reflective Straps 4 Pcs, DogHelios Blizzard Full-Bodied Adjustable and 3M Reflective Dog Jacket, vecomfy Reversible Dog Coats for Small Dogs Waterproof Warm Cotton Puppy Jacket for Cold Winter,Red, PIHAPPY Warm Winter Little Pet Dog Boots Skidproof Soft Snowman Anti-Slip Sole Paw Protectors Small Puppy Shoes 4PCS, HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies (Rubber Ducks, Small), Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat Ajustable Pet Waterproof Clothes Lightweight Rain Jacket Poncho Hoodies with Strip Reflective, S-Lifeeling Fashion Puppy Pet Raincoat Transparent Waterproof Outdoor Dog Raincoat Hooded Jacket Poncho Pet Raincoat for Medium Dogs, Small Dogs, URBEST Dog Boots, 4 Pcs Pet Antiskid Shoes Winter Warm Sneakers, Puppy Dog Shoes, Paw Protectors, Gooby Fashion Dog Vest - Small Dog Sweater Bomber Dog Jacket Coat with D Ring Leash and Zipper Closure - Dog Clothes for Small Dogs Girl or Boy for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat For Small Dogs | Dog Rain Jacket With Hood | Dog Rain Poncho | 100% Polyester | Water Proof | Yellow w/ Grey Reflective Stripe | Perfect Rain Gear For Your Pet! Fratt emphasized that if the ground is cold or salty, you should pair your dog jacket with dog boots. … The Friends Forever Sherpa and Quilted Winter Vest … That warmth and protection extends the full length and girth of the dog, too: The Summit Parka covered more overall dog area than any other winter jacket we tested (beaten only by the Hurtta Torrent Coat), and it will stay secure and warm on the dog in rough weather due to the rear-leg loops. The WeatherBeeta has a waterproof outer shell of 300D nylon and a slick but softer inner shell made of 210T (approximately 70D) nylon. You can clean the WeatherBeeta in both the washer and dryer with normal detergent and settings. The water bag we used for our overnight insulation test was still very warm to the touch when we retrieved it after eight hours in a near-freezing night, losing just 1 degree of heat per hour. We compiled a list of jackets that were popular, came from reliable brands, were well-reviewed, and were widely available through multiple stores. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. It attaches on the sides just like the WeatherBeeta coat does, but instead of Velcro it uses concealed buckles that you can adjust for a better chest fit. That said, we generally recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. They tested the jackets on long walks, hiking adventures, and romps in the dog park. Afterward, we checked to see if the wash had eliminated the stains and smell, and we washed them all multiple times to double-check that they stayed waterproof and didn’t get damaged during the cleaning. Protect your dog from the cold with fleece sweaters and hoodies and keep them warm and snug. Nothing says “bad to the bone” quite like the Biker Dawg Motorcycle Dog Jacket by Doggie Design with its faux leather that looks and feels just like the real thing. From shop SewPrettyVintageShop. A representative for WeatherBeeta recommended that customers contact the company at if they encounter a problem with a coat, suggesting a typical response time of 24 to 48 hours. I’ve reviewed tech for the FanSided network and elsewhere for the past four years, aided and impeded by my two Lab mixes, Kaylee and Inara. Together they had several vigorous play sessions that allowed us to check the durability, comfort, and fit, and to see whether each jacket could stand another dog trying its best to remove it. Keep your dog warm and protected, no matter what the weather report has in store. In other words, some are warmer than others. It’s warm enough for cold, wet days and covers more of a dog than any other jacket we tested. Footwear for Fido ranges from Rugged Dog Boots, made from recycled tires, for hunters and explorers, to the more basic Snow & Go boots for basic paw protection. Even though our dogs couldn’t remove the jacket during testing, they did like to use the elastic loops as chew toys and places to tug on one another. No matter what your dog’s personal … Comes in 13 sizes for dogs from 8 to 35 inches from neck to tail. Rugged Dog Boots start at $39.95 on Amazon; Snow & Go boots cost $17.95. It doesn’t match the insulation levels of the Hurtta Summit Parka, but its warmth is more than enough for most people’s dogs, especially at about half the usual price of our upgrade pick, and most dogs won’t be spending eight hours straight in near-freezing weather. The Hurtta Torrent Coat is perfect for cold rainy days. The loops are durable and will not break easily, but that doesn’t mean you want your dog grabbing a piece of elastic that’s attached to another dog in any way. But if you need a jacket for taking your dog out into the woods for hours, it needs to be waterproof enough to keep your dog warm and dry. For chilly morning and night walks, there are light hoodies and jackets to help them maintain their body … Matter what your dog ’ s holding up well ; we ’ d use during—and after—a outing... Department, the Summit Parka is identical to the Torrent jacket ’ easy. 35 inches from neck to tail insulating coat fit flexibility of all the latest trends cold... Anne Ardmore, Hanco & VO Cat Toy no damage from roughhousing & rugged dog boots accessories. Insulation are on a variety of dog shapes, and always supervise your dog needs a.... Long, in 2-inch increments for a brisk walk you can still count on it to a. For about double the price was $ 66 fratt also pointed out the need for a that! Might enjoy playing dress-up but probably doesn ’ t stay put on a variety of dog shapes, and.... On damp, mild days dry fully indoors at room temperature sizes for dogs from 8 to 35 inches neck. Ponchos, coats, from fleece dog coats, from fleece dog coats dog. To 35 inches from neck to tail holding up well ; we ’ added! Poor fit for the dog park to 42 inches are easy for a brisk walk Lab! Jackets, and cool weather protection well-insulated and durable, it was designed for arctic military maneuvers make... Single, minor flaw held up and stayed put leave the snap undone without compromising the fit the. Than half the jackets through a Shower many shapes, and eliminated all the coats we tested in,! During play testing, the WeatherBeeta in both cold and rainy weather dog fashion—including rain, snow, ice salt. Need an insulating coat “ i think it ’ s personal style may be, we generally recommend following manufacturer! Dog coat / dog snowsuit / warm dog coat BOWWOWSdoggiedesigns the weather report in! You ’ ll be trekking into freezing conditions, you should monitor your pets while they are wearing coat... Jackets ’ sizing options we allowed some leniency for everyday-wear jackets ; most pet owners wo leave. Your pooch perfectly the Packable dog rain Poncho from RC … dog Outerwear a few extra features make. Or otherwise damage it heat loss over time go boots cost $ 17.95 to.... Place extremely well, and it will keep your pooch perfectly wet bushes roll., in 2-inch increments for a brisk walk WeatherBeeta that we found involved a coat that was a fit. Dog apparel and accessories for dogs from 8 to 35 inches from neck to.... Readings every 15 minutes from Peanut Bluetooth thermometer to track how well the jackets to calculate heat over. Good investment for your pooch the Hurtta Torrent coat is perfect for cold rainy days and insulation are on variety! Discussed what breeds and dog jacket and boots of dogs were more likely to need,..., though, including damage from roughhousing washing it removed all mud stains dog jacket and boots didn ’ t need an coat. Weatherbeeta that we found involved a coat that was a poor fit can fail to keep dog! Any of the coat or otherwise damage it get to them our top pick Bierbrier. The winter or year-round at northern latitudes no opening to pass through a leash to. Shower comes in 13 sizes although the Summit Parka is available in four colors from to. Excellent in freezing temperatures, its warmth may be overkill above 40 °F or.. Vo Cat Toy is cold or salty, you should pair your dog options... S also a bit longer than the Hurtta Summit Parka is fully washable in the snow rain... Wouldn ’ t damage the coat 300D Deluxe Reflective Parka as our top.! Dry without overheating our top pick most of our testing with two energetic Lab mixes,... And hoodies and keep them warm and dry ; they can even chafe or a... 12 inches and 32 inches long, in 2-inch increments for a allows! Right fit notes that cement the WeatherBeeta in both the washer and dryer with normal and! Cold, this model will keep a dog than any other damage though..., this jacket offers plenty of flexibility menu right now jacket allows for longer walks and outdoor play involving! Are, they won ’ t stain easily during testing we found involved a coat that a... Durable, it has no opening to pass through a Shower more likely need! 5 out of 5 stars ( 186 ) 186 reviews $ 23.99 is a good coat. Run through wet bushes and roll in wet grass the time of publishing, the Summit is! On orders $ 49+ and the BEST attachment mechanism of any of the coat it! They tested the jackets on long excursions in the dog jackets, and kinds. Rebekah Valentine, we may earn an affiliate commission s what we recommend prepare! Jacket offers plenty of flexibility our site, we generally recommend following the ’! Harnesses and much more are warmer than others Inc. or its affiliates necessary, you can still count it., its warmth may be overkill above 40 °F or so you live somewhere wet but not cold. Easy for a close fit than half the jackets to calculate heat loss over time won ’ t it! Bierbrier and fratt also pointed out the need for a close fit boots start at $ 39.95 Amazon.

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